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Rhapsody Book CoverRhapsody, a sensual, lightly paranormal novella from Crimson Romance.  Available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and wherever e-books are sold.

This is what readers are saying:

‘Words that came to mind as I read it were sophisticated and polished. Ms. Clare’s voice is lovely, and Rhapsody is a totally fun evening’s read.’ Amy Dunn Caldwell, Author

‘A great job of ratcheting up the tension and fantasy of the game, plus an unexpected ending make this a delightful read.’ Shelley K. Wall, Author

‘Rhapsody is a seductive storyline of two people getting to know each other both physically and emotionally with every roll of the dice. It is an interesting concept and one that could probably be played out between many couples -acting out their fantasies to a board game premise.’ S. Schairer, The Reading Cafe

The blurb: Isabelle plans to escape the real world when she takes a tropical vacation. But escape becomes too real when Paradise Resort disappears. To win her freedom, she must break an oath and out-play her opponent in a game of seduction. Her self-control is resolute until her traitorous body decides this is a game she wants to play.

Jonathan’s needs are simple: break down Isabelle’s resistance, win the game, and get back to the real world where an emergency waits. Desire grows between them as each roll of the die reveals secrets, truths and skin, until Jonathan is forced to confront his worst fear or forfeit Isabelle to the dark mastermind of the game.

Rhapsody Excerpt


The man was more tempting than the toffee cheesecake at her corner coffee shop, the one she could never resist, the one with the thin layer of crunchy caramel on top. If she saw it, she wanted it. Her only defense was to avoid the shop.

At least the Jonathan temptation ended here. She would never run into him at the corner coffee shop.

“Isabelle, my turn’s finished. Can you not move?”

Why would I want to move? I need this. Touch me like that again. Slowly, she lifted her hands, palms up, to show him. “Yes, I can. I was just thinking about … ”

“You liked it.”

She hesitated, breathing out the lust that was fully awake now.

“Do you want more?”

She did, but the admission stayed on her tongue. Not yet, not until she’d had a turn to tantalize him. As she moved to pull down her skirt, the object he’d sketched on her thigh drew her attention. “The thing you most desire is a house?”

He scooped up the die and dropped it in her hand. “Yes, and the reason I need to get back to the resort. A Tudor Revival has just listed that I plan to buy. Actually, it was my grandparents’ house fifteen years ago. I didn’t expect it to come on the market. I can’t let that house go to someone else.”

Their commonalities were uncanny. “No, I understand completely. You must have fond memories. I bought a Tudor Revival two years ago. My house is the love of my life.” Pathetic but true. When her last three relationships failed, she’d thrown herself into a renovation. The work had been the impetus to her self-restoration. “Why don’t you tell me all about your Tudor?” She took a few deep breaths.

“There’s nothing to tell. It’s not mine yet. I have something more enticing on my mind at the moment. Let’s play.”

Enticing, yes. She threw the die. “Damn, a two.”

“Maybe a slow crawl to the finish isn’t such a bad idea — prolong the sweet ecstasy.”

“Sweet ecstasy needs to get on a plane and go home.” As she moved her piece two squares, an image began to appear. She felt the instant thrum of desire as the next body part was revealed. Jonathan’s butt.

He snickered. “Love it when a beautiful woman kisses my butt.”


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