The Book Nook - London 2016Promote your book in a virtual world!

Did you know that in 2015, according to Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, 155 million Americans play video games. 44% are female with an average age of 43 years.

The virtual world of Second Life is a user-created immersion community with millions of members. It’s free to join and full of potential readers.

Stuart Applebaum, Head of Corporate Communications at Penguin Randam House said: “We don’t know if getting the word out about the book will sell it, but we know they won’t buy it if they’ve never heard of it.”

I agree, getting your books in front of people is crucial in a market inundated with novels, which is why I started The Book Nook stores in Second Life, an untapped venue for authors.


Why use Second Life to promote your books?

  • Visibility—Unlike a magazine ad, your book cover is always on display, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a high traffic area. Unlike a real world book store, books are never shelved side-by-side, book covers always face out.
  • Reach—Second Life first started in 2003 and has residents from all over the world. With this global audience, in this age of electronic books, sales are one click away. Second Life is popular enough to be the answer to be a question on Jeopardy!
  • In World Promotion—The London City sim where two branches of The Book Nook are located runs a circulating promotional ad for The Book Nook on their group chat. There are 46,102 members in this group. The London City sim has daily traffic on average of 70,963.
  • Low Competition—The number of books are restricted, so your books are seen. There are very few book stores in Second Life. I’ve not seen anything like The Book Nook.
  • Play Time—Creative people use Second Life. Most are in world for leisure, so book reading is in keeping with the overall feel of this world.
  • Affordability—Just $10 for 6 months or $20 for 13 months puts your book in Book Nook stores.


1. The Book Nook has three stores on different sims.


The Book Nook London Feb. 2015London City



The Book Nook Art Gallery 2016

Art Gallery Route 7



New This Month2. Every new book is featured as new to the store.



Web Page Link3. Each book is linked to your buy link so readers are immediately connected to your web page when they touch your book.



Blurb4. An excerpt or blurb from your book will be added to the slideshow that displays in the stores.

Your excerpt or blurb will also be featured on The Book Nook Facebook page here and Google Plus here.



7. For $15, you’ll have at least 50 tweets posted with your buy link to promote your book over 13 months.

To visit Second Life and find more about it, click here. Either download their viewer or use the one I use,  Firestorm viewer. The downloads are here:

If you’d like to have your books in The Book Nook, please send an email to