One evening last fall as I left my office, the sunset was transforming the sky into one of the most brilliant works of art I’d ever seen. Ultra vivid crimson and gold set the sky on fire. It was so spectacular, I called my son to tell him to look out the window before it all melted into the horizon. Of course he was thrilled that I’d shared this. (not so much)

It struck me that no one had worked for hours that day, planning, executing, labouring to give us that sky. It just happened. The building blocks for sunsets were put into place zillions of years ago and then left uninfluenced to scatter light into magnificent radiant compositions.

Can I do that? Can I trust that I don’t have to think so hard all the time about the perfect sentence, the key moment to stop editing, the best marketing strategy?

Can I just let go and trust that one day all will be brilliant?