Years ago, in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica, this guy crossed my path. It took him about twenty minutes to cover twenty feet. He comes to mind today as I think about what I want to accomplish in the new year.

Yes, I have writing goals, but I’ll have gained no perspective if I don’t get out in the world and be wonderstruck. After all, writing is about sharing our point of view.

In The Artist’s Way, Julie Cameron encourages us to fill our creative wells and get out weekly and do something new, go somewhere new, meet someone new. Every experience, the internal ones, the external ones, give us perspective.

There is perspective to be gained from a sloth.

He moves sooooooo veeeeeeery slooooooow. He must notice everything around him.

Slow down and notice the little things happening in this moment.

Like, how does your back feel? Your shoulders? Are you tense? Relaxed? Resentful? Grateful?

Just take a moment and notice. Now relax and think happy.