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Rhapsody Book CoverRhapsody, a sensual, lightly paranormal novella from Crimson Romance.  Available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and wherever e-books are sold.

This is what readers are saying:

‘Words that came to mind as I read it were sophisticated and polished. Ms. Clare’s voice is lovely, and Rhapsody is a totally fun evening’s read.’ Amy Dunn Caldwell, Author

‘A great job of ratcheting up the tension and fantasy of the game, plus an unexpected ending make this a delightful read.’ Shelley K. Wall, Author

‘Rhapsody is a seductive storyline of two people getting to know each other both physically and emotionally with every roll of the dice. It is an interesting concept and one that could probably be played out between many couples -acting out their fantasies to a board game premise.’ S. Schairer, The Reading Cafe

The blurb: Isabelle plans to escape the real world when she takes a tropical vacation. But escape becomes too real when Paradise Resort disappears. To win her freedom, she must break an oath and out-play her opponent in a game of seduction. Her self-control is resolute until her traitorous body decides this is a game she wants to play.

Jonathan’s needs are simple: break down Isabelle’s resistance, win the game, and get back to the real world where an emergency waits. Desire grows between them as each roll of the die reveals secrets, truths and skin, until Jonathan is forced to confront his worst fear or forfeit Isabelle to the dark mastermind of the game.


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Love of Her Lives –Winner of D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters for best first chapter and cover!

Published by Crimson Romance. Available in print and electronically as an Amazon Exclusive.

LOHL Book Cover 1435 x 2200This is what readers are saying:

‘Starting with an inviting prologue, Sharon Clare’s fluid writing, strong characters and fast pace captured my imagination and attention all the way to the end.’ RomCon

‘This has to be the most unique twist in all of romance writing!’ C. Frates, Author of The Roman Time Travel Series

‘Rich and tempting as any dessert, Clare’s prose carried me from heart-racing damsel-in-distress rescues to sizzling sex scenes to tender, bittersweet romance with a flick of her paranormally poised pen. The result is a tale rife with danger and whimsy, passion and suspense, humor and storytelling that is pure magic.’ Sherry Isaac, Award winning author.

The blurb: Calum and Beth are soul mates who have lived many lives together until Beth decides to live a life on her own. Left behind in the Upper World, Calum sees a wrongful imprisonment in her future, so he bargains with Finn, an elven trickster to return to Earth, rescue Beth and reclaim her heart. Unfamiliar with the twenty-first century, he must determine who plots against her while playing Finn’s passion-provoking game.

Beth has no recollection of their lives together and didn’t ask this fervent stranger to come to her aid. She is horrified to find her house ransacked and her life threatened. With a secret to keep, she takes the greatest risk of all—trusting Calum. Her life soon depends upon re-evaluating everything she thought normal. Their eternal bond will only be saved if Beth can rescue the man who spanned worlds to rescue her.

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